HEALTHY BUILDINGS 2021 EUROPE Conference: Healthy & Sustainable Built Environment for the Future. June 21-23, 2021 Oslo, Norway

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Key facts

  • Healthy & sustainable built environment for the future! Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) encompasses thermal, (bio)chemical, actinic, acoustic, mechanical and (psycho)social issues.
Target audience
  • Healthy Buildings conferences attract not only researchers but also 'practitioners' from a number of professions, including engineers (HVAC, Public health, Civil), contractors, authorities, property developers, real-estate owners, facilities management, architects, occupational hygienists, medical practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers of building products.
  • Oslo Metropolitan University and online. See the "Venue" menu for more details.
Key dates
8th November 2020 Deadline for abstracts and workshop proposals
15th December 2020 Deadline for applications for student travel bursary
8th February 2021 Deadline for submission of full papers
22nd March 2021 Deadline for revised papers
Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd June 2021 Conference
  • To be announced. There will be rebates for students and ISIAQ-members.
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COVID19 response
  • Our COVID19 response will follow national guidelines. Norway is loosening restrictions on travel and large arrangements, and will hopefully permit a conference in Oslo in June 2021. Our contingency plan involves full digitization of the conference on Zoom, keeping the same dates!
  • Hands-on practitioner training workshops, and scientific sessions & scienticfic workshops
  • Double-blind peer-reviewed proceedings with professional Open Access academic publisher on the "Nordic list" for research councils
  • Live-streaming plenum sessions & COVID19 webinar contingency
  • nZEB technical building tours (Oslo European Green Capital 2019)
  • Rich social programme, student & young professional events
Official language
  • International English, including all submissions.  Individual workshops can have other languages if all attendees consent.

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