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Key facts

Key dates
  • The conference will be held on 21st to 23rd June 2021.
  • Deadlines for submissions (papers, workshop proposals, presentations) and registration payment, are listed on page 'Deadlines / Key dates' under the 'Submit' menu
  • Healthy & sustainable built environment - From science to practice!. We need to future-proof buildings to tackle climate change and future pandemics. The conference covers all indoor environment issues, includling thermal, (bio)chemical, actinic, acoustic, mechanical and (psycho)social issues.
Target audience
  • To bridge the gap between science and practice, Healthy Buildings conferences attract not only scientists & experts, but also 'practitioners' from many professions, including engineers (HVAC, Public health, Civil), contractors, authorities, property developers, real-estate owners, facilities management, architects, occupational hygienists, medical practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers of building products. We strongly encourage these professions to share their practical experiences at the conference.
  • Online. If COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, then we will also open for physical attendance at Oslo Metropolitan University. See the 'Venue' menu for more details.
COVID-19 response
  • The conference is keeping the dates 21-23 June 2021 irrespective of conference form. We guarantee the possibilty to attend the conference digitally, e.g. Zoom. If travel restrictions are lifted, we will also consider physical attandance in Oslo. Our COVID-19 response will follow national and European guidelines. Please register for e-mail updates, or submit an abstract/workshop proposal so that we can keep you updated.
Attendance fee
  • See the 'Prices' page under 'Register'. There are rebates for students and early-bird registration.
Official language
  • International English, including all submissions.  Individual workshops can have other languages if all attendees consent.
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