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Guide for presenters and presentations

The conference has two general types of presentations:

1. Paper-presentation sessions (Coloured yellow in the conference programme)

  • In order to avoid technical gliches and delays during these sessions, we request that all presenters upload a prerecorded presentation (.mp4 or .mov file) to Confool before the conference, preferably by 31st May. All presenters are still required to be present on Zoom at their session in order to answer questions and take part in discussion at the end of the session!!
  • Prerecorded LONG oral presentations should be 10 minutes long, and prerecorded SHORT oral presentations should be 3 minutes long (A little leeway is allowed). Becuase of the limited time, you should focus only on the "juicy bits" of your contribution, especially the main message, conclusions and its realistic implications.
  • We recommend full-screen 16:9-format recordings, with as high quality video-output as possible.
  • How to prerecording presentations. Two examples:
    • PowerPoint: This is the simplest way of recording a presentation. Select Slide Show > Record Slide Show. After recording, select File > Export > Create a video (use standard settings 'Full HD (1080p)' and 'Use Recorded Timings and Narrations'). See the tutorial video.
    • Zoom: This option facilitates more engaging recordings (green-screen effect with you in the foreground) and to record other programs than PowerPoint. See the tutorial video. Note that PowerPoint animations and links do not work with this option.
  • How to submit your recording to the conference:
    • Login to Your Submissions page on ConfTool. Click Upload Final in the right-hand menu for your submission. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to the section "2nd file: mp4,mov", and click on the blue button [Choose a file…]. Finish off with the blue button [Upload File(s) and Save Data].
    • The maximum file-size limit is now 230 Mb (was increaced from 20 Mb). This is ample for high definition video recordings.

2. Workshops/seminar presentations (Coloured blue in the conference programme)

  • Oral presentations at workshops/seminars are held live in Zoom. You must therefore be registered to attend the conference in order to gain access to the workshop. Please contact your workshop organizer/chairpersons to agree on the time of your presentation.
  • You do not need to submit a paper to hold an oral presentation at workshops/seminars. However, presentations at Symposia are connected to submitted papers that can be downloaded from the online "clickable" conference programme (
  • Preparations before the conference:
    • Install Zoom Client: We suggest that you download and install the ZOOM CLIENT FOR MEETINGS from Zoom's Download Center before the conference. You can present on Zoom without installing this client (a web-browser app starts automatically instead when you join Zoom) but this web-app is functionally inferior (for example you cannot share device audio or whiteboard).
    • Microphone: We strongly recommend that you use a headset with a microphone boom. If you use earbuds, then ensure that the mic is near your mouth. Avoid using the in-built microphone on laptops, as they have inferior muffled sound quality.
    • Room acoustics: Present from a room that doesn't have echo (hard surfaces) or background noise.
    • WiFi & internet: Preferably connect your PC to internet with a LAN-cable. Alternatively, present from a location with stable WiFi signal.
  • On the day of presentation:
    • Please join the workshop/seminar at least 10 minutes before it starts. Chairpersons should login and join 30 minutes before the start.
    • The workshop/seminar chairpersons will tell you when to start your presentation. Here is Zoom's simple tutorial on screen-sharing, and tips about dual monitors./li>
    • If attendees complain that they can see your Presenter View (two slides and your notes), you can fix it by clicking on the ellipsis button "(…)", then select 'Hide Presenter View'.

Note about keynote lectures:

  • We accept that keynotes lectures be held live on the day. However, as a guarantee against technical gliches and delays, keynote speakers will be asked to submit a pre-recorded lecture if at all possible.
  • You will nevertheless be required to be present during the plenary in order to take questions after your lecture.

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