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Avidicare logo
  • Avidicare AB is a research-based medical tech company focusing on infection prevention. They develop systems for managing airborne bacteria and virus contamination in hospitals.
  • Avidicare was initially part of Airsonett AB, which introduced tech from industrial cleanrooms to the healthcare sector. As part of Airsonett, they developed airshowers and TcAF (Temperature controlled Air Flow), new opportunities to prevent harmful bacteria in medical environments. This gave rise to Opragon –a ventilation system for infection-sensitive surgery in ultra-clean air.
  • The company is based in Lund, where a state-of-the-art laboratory to study different ventilation solutions in operating rooms was constructed in 2013.
GKs new logo
  • GK is Scandinavia's leading end-to-end technical contractor and service partner with a turnover of over NOK 6 billion. With more than 3,000 employees and over 80 offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, they deliver smart and sustainable solutions in ventilation, cooling, building automation, electrical installations and plumbing.
  • They work with project design, installation, service and maintenance of technical systems in buildings. Their track record comprises large, complex installation projects, such as a new hospitals, museums, theatres, hotels and data centers.
  • Its mission is to build sustainable societies for generations to come.

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Camfil logo
  • Camfil is a leading manufacturer of solutions for air filtration and air pollution control, improving worker and equipment productivity, with a life-cycle approach to sustainability, energy use and service life costs.
  • It is a global operator with 30 manufacturing sites, 6 R&D centres, and the HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.
AirThings logo
  • Airthings is a Norwegian tech company that develops and manufactures out-of-the box solutions for businesses (, consumers, and radon professionals.
  • Founded in 2008, Airthings is on a mission to ensure that people around the world recognize the impact of air quality, and make radon and indoor air quality sensors an essential element of every building.

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