HEALTHY BUILDINGS 2021 EUROPE Conference: Healthy & Sustainable Built Environment for the Future. June 21-23, 2021 Oslo, Norway

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Call for proposals for Scientific Workshops and Practice Sessions

Call for proposals for Practice Sessions and Scientific Workshops

  • Proposals for Practice sessions and Scientific workshops are submitted in the same form in ConfTool. The Scientific Commitee will categorize them after submission.
  • We open for proposals until 17th January 2021, but please contact us early to get feedback sooner.
  • Practice-session proposals and programme will be evaluated on-the-fly by a special sub-commitee, while Scientific Workshop proposals will be evaluated by the Programme Commitee
  • The Programme Committee reserve the right to merge suggestions that cover similar topics. You may therefore submit a suggestion that you feel is not a complete workshop.

How to submit proposals

Proposals are submitted to the conference submission/registration system (ConfTool). There are two options:

  • Brief plan: If your proposal is very preliminary or sketchy, simply type your ideas in the "abstract" text field (You need not upload a document; this can be done at a later date when you have a more detailed plan)
  • Detailed plan: If you have developed a detailed workshop/session plan, please upload it (PDF or DOCX) to the submission/registration system (ConfTool). A Word template is available on the Download page
  • Questions: If you have any questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact Secretariat, Sverre Holøs (Vice-President of Practice) or Guangyu Cao (Vice-president Science).

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Title/subject
  • Names, affiliations, and contact info of proposed chairpersons and organizers
  • Objective/motivation for organizing workshop/session
  • Target audience
  • Format and participant interaction (presentations, round-table, invited speeches, debate panel, hands-on demonstration, blended with live-streaming or recorded demo)
  • Facilities/resources required, if any
  • Proposed length
  • Proposed output/dissemination, if any (video, minutes, presentations, short report, etc.)

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